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Resistance Bands: Cheap, Easy, Space Efficient


source: Grit by Brit

I recently acquired some resistance bands. They’ve been popular for a while & the internet is full of info — I’m really lame about trends — so I’m not going in depth here, but I did want to suggest them to anyone who hasn’t tried them & is looking for a cheap, easy way to do strength work at home without taking up a lot of space.  They are a little easier to use than weights, & if you drop them on your foot it hurts a lot less.

I bought the ProForm resistance rings ($4.94, They are widely available though, & come in variety of tensions & styles. The three main styles are bands, tubes, & circles/figure eights.

This page, Choosing & Using Resistance Bands, has some really good, basic information, including some exercises to try. A quick search will turn up scads of sites, including youtube videos. So much that when I went to dig up fodder for my post, I was so overwhelmed I decided to just let you find it yourselves. >_< Do you ever get those information overloads where you just don’t know where to start?

I’ve been doing a few exercises over the last week since I got them. The next ones I get will be a higher resistance, but I do feel the work I’m doing, especially in my shoulders because they are so sad & weak. 😦

And now for a moment of excessive packaging shame:

2014-09-20 00.37.06

I lost my balance a little when I picked up the package. It looked like it had some weight to it, but then felt like lifting a box of air, so my body was a little over prepared.  They are giant rubber bands with foam handles inside a box.  What were they so afraid would happen?

Have you guys tried resistance bands? Thoughts? Favorites? Exercises you are especially fond of?


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8 thoughts on “Resistance Bands: Cheap, Easy, Space Efficient

  1. Hope you enjoy the workout – thanks for sharing and keep in touch! All the best, Brit

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  3. I have a set in storage somewhere but I never got around to trying to do anything with them, but I WANTED to, so I didn’t throw them out either. I am glad you posted about them though, it reminds me there is such a thing. Space in my room is at a premium.

    • Drag them out sometimes. Well, if you can get to them! I know that’s not always easy in storage, even if you know where they are.

      • Yeah I don’t even know where they are and the storage locker isn’t here, so the likelihood of that happening right now are very low. exercise would probably make me feel better but I’m so sore and lethargic that it’s been hard to get up any motivation for anything lately.

        • I get that. Sometimes that’s where we are. I’m thankful I’ve been feeling better the last few weeks & try not to think too much about when it’s all going to come crashing down around my head. It remains to be seen if the move will make things better or worse; I think better because there’s so much more for me to do there.

          I hope you get to feeling better soon as well. We’re moving into cooler weather, so maybe that will perk you up a bit.

    • Oh hey, I just found this youtube playlist of four figure 8 band exercises I hadn’t considered. Two standing & two on the floor, with just one of those needing padding for my knees. I’m going to try these (when I have the floor space anyway).

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