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Sharpening Our Bullshit Detectors With Kat Whitfield

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When researching anything, look for contradicting information and listen to people who disagree with whatever you’re searching for.
~Kat Whitfield, Let’s Sharpen Our Bullshit Detectors

Capture bullshit detectors contents

I  was working on a post of a more personal nature, but couldn’t get what I wanted to say out, so I went diving in the inbox again.  I found a blog post from Fit & Feminist about Kat Whitfield & her downloadable guidebook on cutting through the bad info in the diet & fitness industry.  The screen shot above is the table of contents.

Over half of all of the pages in magazines are committed to trying to sell you things. Magazines don’t make all their money off of their subscriptions, especially in this day and age where everyone gets their information for free online.

…one potential controversy arises when marketing tactics are used to create problems that didn’t exist before, in turn causing you to spend money to fix these imaginary issues. As a necessary side-effect, you have to feel as though you are “less than.” (See: cellulite, wrinkles, sun spots, short eyelashes…, “cleansing,” the list goes on)

Those aren’t the only criticisms. What about the myriad of products that just plain don’t work, like most of the above? What about advertisements that promote a certain food as higher quality or a brand of eyeliner as better, when in reality their competition is made exactly the same way?

To get the rest of the book, click here.   As a bonus, I’m also including a link to her post on changes she made to some popular fitspo on Pinterest.


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