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How To Exercise Out Of Self-Love and Not Due To Fat-Shaming | Everyday Feminism

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How To Exercise Out Of Self-Love and Not Due To Fat-Shaming — Everyday Feminism

Catching up on some things at the library.  I am getting closer to the ‘net at home; probably in the next couple of weeks.  Yay!  I got behind on my 31 Miles to Halloween challenge, but have been making the push this week to catch up my miles.  I should just squeak by.  Finished C25K w1d2 with J. yesterday, & we will finish the week up tomorrow.  Yay again!  The prize for October was to be spearmint teas & related goodies, based on my previous article about tea for PCOS.  I have it together, but decided to wait to until I can be more active here before posting it.

So, on to the meat here.  A couple of friends posted this on fb & I got it in the EF newsletter today, so I figured why not.  It’s a fairly brief article, as most of their stuff is, & does a good job of summing the issue up.

It is hard to be a fat person, especially a woman, trying to exercise for reasons other than weight loss.  As the article points out, the ideas women should be on a perpetual quest to be thinner & exercise is a form of punishment are deeply ingrained in our culture.  Even those of us who work on changing those thought patterns still fall into the trap.

Also, something I’d like to point out is the gym guy who offered her unsolicited advice just outed himself as the kind of creep that makes so many people afraid of gyms: “…a man told me that over the past few weeks he has been watching me run on the treadmill, and that if I’m wondering why I haven’t lost any weight, it’s because pure cardio doesn’t burn enough fat.”  What do people fear the most about the gym? Being watched & being judged.  People tell us, & we try to tell ourselves, no one is watching us because everyone is too busy worrying about their own workout.  Not that guy.  He’s creepily watching & judging women, & probably other people he deems in need of his superior fitness acumen.


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One thought on “How To Exercise Out Of Self-Love and Not Due To Fat-Shaming | Everyday Feminism

  1. Unless I can claim the 30 mi I rode my mare this month, I’m hopelessly far behind in my 31-mi challenge for Oct…
    Just finished up Day 3/Wk 3 of C25K after almost a week’s hiatus due to FOOD POISONING, yuck! You never appreciate a normal GI tract until things act up, and while I knocked out a slow n’ careful 2 mi yesterday, I’m still not back at 100%…
    That’ll put me at 20 mi on my own two feet this month which ain’t too shabby; I need to bury the perfectionism!

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