My Year To Thrive

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." ~Maya Angelou

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Curve Camp 2014

curve camp 2014

Curve Camp 2014

Where did this week go?  Monday was such a great day, I didn’t even have a chance to sit down & blog. Unfortunately, Tuesday blew up & the last couple of days have been… I don’t know, something.  But here I am!  I’m giving you Curve Camp today because tomorrow is the last day for the early bird registration.

  • Early bird registration will get you a spot for $397, or 3 monthly payments of $135.
  • Starting Sunday regular registration beings, $497 or three monthly payments of $165.

Camp is being held in Nashville, TN (an awesome town if you’ve never been there).  There will be six instructors over three days, June 20-22, including Ms. Anna Guest-Jelley.  Click here for more info, including instructor bios & an itinerary.

Who is Curve Camp for?

It’s for yogis who don’t fit the conventional mold — because they’re bigger, smaller, older, quirkier, or differently-abled than the models on the cover of Yoga Journal.

What is Curve Camp about?

Our theme is “Like” At First Sight.

Because we want you to …

  • Like yourself in the morning. Like yourself in the evening.
  • Like yourself on the mat. Like yourself off the mat.
  • Like yourself even when you don’t feel like it.
  • Like yourself a little bit more every day.
  • And be with people who like you. A lot.

All of the yoga classes + activities at CurveCamp will be tied into the theme of “liking yourself” … just a little bit more than you did one year ago. Or one day ago. Or one breath ago.

Curve Camp 2014



30 Days of Curvy Yoga: Yoga for Your Body | Marianne Elliott

Yoga has proven benefits for people of all shapes and sizes. But sometimes it can be a real drag to try out yoga among the hip, pretzel scene.

This course was created for everyone who contacted me about wanting a yoga practice for your body–the one you have today that carries you through your day, picks up kids after school, navigates an old illness or injury and offers a warm ear to a friend.
~Marianne Elliott (

30 Days of Curvy Yoga: Yoga for Your Body | Marianne Elliott

After AG’s yoga-themed guest post the other day, what did I find in my inbox?  Class info for 30 Days of Curvy Yoga!  It’s hosted by Marianne Elliot with Anna Guest-Jelley (of Curvy Yoga).  I have mentioned Ms. Guest-Jelley a few times before here: Curvefest, the holiday HAES workshop, & the HAES master class.  The timing seemed fortuitous, so I’m sharing. 🙂

Registration is open now & class begins Oct. 7.  You can sign-up for a one time payment of $175 or spread it out with $40 weekly payments for five weeks. Continue reading


Virtual CurveFest | Curvy Yoga

Yoga is possible for anybody who really wants it.  Yoga is universal.
~Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois (Lexi Yoga)

Virtual Curve Fest - Curvy Yoga

Virtual CurveFest — Curvy Yoga

Since Anna Guest-Jelley had to cancel her real world Curvefest this year, she has graciously decided to offer it up virtually & for FREE.  It will be held via Ustream on Sat, Nov. 10, 2012.

In her own words:

CurveFest is a body lovin’ bonanza. We’ll be doing gentle yoga, with options for people of all shapes, sizes, ages & abilities. We’ll also be building the bridge from body awareness to body acceptance and love through guided reflections and even creating your own MATifesto.

It will be broken into three sessions:

Session 1: Building Your Self-Love Foundation through Yoga – reflection, intention, gentle curvy standing practice
Session 2: Why Yoga is a Great Tool for Body Acceptance – discussion, guided reflection, create your own MATifesto
Session 3: Taking Self-Care with You – checking in, gentle curvy seated practice, next steps, extended relaxation, celebration

I’ve talked about wanting to get back into yoga, so this seemed like the perfect way to get started.  After signing up I received a detailed email with sign-in info & a list of things I might want to have available that day.

Who else is going?  Sign up here!

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The HAES® Master Class, Sept 20-21

HAES Master Class

Welcome To The HAES® Master Class!

I received my Body Love Wellness email from Golda Poretsky the other day & in it was an announcement about the upcoming HAES Master Class, a two day online workshop with numerous speakers from the HAES-sphere.

In this HAES® Master Class you will meet the experts at the forefront of HAES® research and practice. Collectively, we’ve worked with thousands of people just like you, who have implemented HAES® principles and no longer face a daily battle with food, weight, and the scale. In this engaging two-day event, you will discover simple ways to improve your health and well-being without the stress of dieting.

Along with Ms. Poretsky, the list of speakers will include Ragen Chastain (Dances With Fat, Fit Fatties Forum), Marilyn Wann (Fat!so?, pictured above), Linda Bacon, Anna Guest-Jelley (Curvy Yoga), & Jeanette DePatie (The Fat Chick, Fit Fatties Forum).  There will be sixteen leaders of the HAES movement speaking in all.

Tickets are $97, or you can pay in two installments of $48.50.  I can’t do it, but if anyone does I would love to hear how it goes!