My Year To Thrive

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." ~Maya Angelou

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Shame-Loss Ads | The Nearsighted Owl

I am going to take weight loss ads and redraw them to be body positive. Instead of encouraging you to drop pounds, they will celebrate dropping our body shame and fat hate! It was satisfying to take a message I have been assaulted with since the holidays and transform it into something I am in love with.
~Rachele, The Nearsighted Owl

Happy being fat

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Happy HAES Holidays Workshop | Dances With Fat

Whether you celebrate a holiday or not, this time of year can be a really stressful for people who practice Size Acceptance and/or Health at Every Size. Tons of mixed messages around food, dealing with family, trying to set weight neutral resolutions and goals while everyone else is starting their new diet. I’ve put together a group of speakers to give you information and ideas to support you having a happy holiday season.

Happy HAES Holidays Workshop « Dances With Fat

I realized after posting about Virtual Curvesfest the other day, I hadn’t posted about Ragen’s holidays HAES workshop.  It’s coming up November 13th & 15th.  Registration is name your own price, & the suggested cost is $39.

You get Ragen Chastain, CJ Legare, Golda Poretsky, Chenese Lewis, & Jeanette Depatie.  There’s a list of workshops on the site.


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A Graceful Loving Yourself Quote from Cassie Parks | Loving Yourself University

"Loving yourself creates ease & grace in all things." ~Cassie Parks (image from article)

A Graceful Loving Yourself Quote from Cassie Parks | Loving Yourself University.

This quote is from Cassie Parks, Loving Yourself Lifestyle Coach, and founder of Loving Yourself University. In her own words …, Cassie talks about this quote and the loving yourself lesson.

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Fit Fatties Forum

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Visit Fit Fatties

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This is a new site I have become involved with & I am loving it!  It is a forum for active people of every size from a Health At Every Size perspective.  It’s wonderful to have a space to talk about activity with people who don’t judge you & understand the issues you face, & no diet talk.

I highly recommend checking this out.