My Year To Thrive

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." ~Maya Angelou

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Perfectionism, Stress, & Routines

When you aim for perfection, you discover it’s a moving target.
~George Fisher (Quote Garden)

My writing area

This is where the magic happens. Now that I have my own place I finally have room for a writing area! The white binder with a couple of notebooks on top of it is the never-ending novel. I have decided this will be the year I finally finish revising & editing, & let it go. Seriously. I’m going to do it!

I wrote a couple of years ago about things I was letting fear hold me back from. So far, I’ve had a job, started dating & had a boyfriend — even if he turned out to be shitty, moved to a larger city, I’ve become more social & made a lot of new friends, & I’ve started checking out the comedy scene here & working on a set.  Now, I have my own apartment! 😀

Like a lot of big life changes, even positive ones, it can be stressful. I’m really happy with my decision, but it is a major step, especially financially.  I am working with vocational rehab though to go back to work; a long-term job, not something seasonal.

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OCD & Exercise

“Torture: knowing something makes no sense, but doing it anyways.”
~ Corey Ann Haydu, OCD Love Story

(source: “OCD & Keeping Weight Loss Off For Life“)

This is a blog about mental health & running/exercise, so since I blogged about running Tuesday & OCD yesterday, today I thought I would go over how those things overlap.

A cursory search of the googles brought up the mixed bag of exercise & OCD.  While it’s helpful, in moderation, moderation isn’t really known to be OCD’s strong suit; it can quickly turn into a compulsion.

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What’s OCD and What Isn’t | Will It Be OK?

OCD isn’t something that inspires us to be cleaner, neater, and more efficient in our lives; it’s something that holds us back, because it means our brains are telling us we have to deal with problems that don’t even exist.The Frogman: Emergency Blog Kitten

What’s OCD and What Isn’t

Busy day, so getting this in just under the wire.  I have been meaning to post about OCD since I found out it’s behind some serious issues I have.  I obsess about stuff & never realized it was OCD, until my psych told me about obsessional type OCD where my compulsion is to worry an issue to death.  I need to understand things & can’t let something go until I do.  It makes me an excellent researcher though, because I can, & do, spend hours reading up on whatever issue has my focus at the time.  Unfortunately, it causes problems in my relationships because I can’t let things go. Can. Not.  It’s very frustrating to the people who get caught up in my need to over analyze everything & continue having more questions beyond the limits of their patience.

Will It Be OK? is an OCD blogger, & a few days ago she posted a few tips on what is & is not OCD.  Here are the first couple, & I encourage you to check out her post for all of it.

Not OCD = washing your hands frequently.

OCD = washing your hands because you looked at a bottle of poison, and worry that poison particles might have floated onto your hands.

Not OCD = keeping a clean house, and being tidy to a fault.

OCD = cleaning your house even though you don’t want to, because of an object that touched something that touched something that touched something else that might have touched something dirty months ago that has since been cleaned, and now all of these objects are probably contaminated.


(Missed the midnight deadline by one minute! Still counts.  Day 2 in the bag.)


A Brief(ish) History of Me

Finally rewriting the About Me page, so I decided to write up my bio.  It’s longer than I want on the page, so I shall post it here & link back. 🙂  It feels a little Oliver Twist (before he meets the Artful Dodger), so I would like to say at my core I am a happy person.  That is who I believe I truly am.  That person just gets overwhelmed sometimes by the other voices waging war inside me.  Also, this is meant to outline my mental health experience rather than a full life story.  I have lots of funny, happy, good memories.  Stick around long enough & I might tell you some!

A picture of me at about 4yo.

It’s me!

I was born in the mid-seventies to a couple in rural Alabama, but my story doesn’t start there.  I was conceived in drama.  I’ll save the details for another time, but even before I knew the truth of my own origin story, I believed we absorb emotions in the womb.  Science backs me up, so it seems I was actually born to be sad (& anxious & irritable & angry).

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